Supplier Qualification

Supplier Qualification SolutionsWith a full suite of Supplier Qualification Outsourced Solutions, you will simultaneously reduce your regulatory risk in this area and increase your productivity!

Let’s face it, implementing and maintaining the required level of control over your suppliers in today’s market and regulatory environment is no easy task!

With more than 90% of America’s medical devices and surgical equipment being produced by multiple contract manufacturers loosly bound by the legal owner of the medical device, most companies find themselves staffing a small army to keep things under control.

Smart companies are figuring out that establishing an outsource partner to handle their Supplier Qualification needs is a giant leap forward and solves a huge problem faced by most medical device manufacturers in today’s global economy.

Outsourcing many of the required supplier qualification and maintenance functions allows you to keep your internal Supplier Quality department small and focused on the technical aspects of incoming product quality.  Outsourcing also gives you access to a seasoned expert at the top of their field without the overhead it would take to put together the same level of expertise in house.  No expensive training needed!

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