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June 30, 2020 Blog Post

A Lighter Post...

We're all bombarded with negativity in the current state our world is in.  This post is to get your mind off of these issues.


Terminator Facts

The 1984 thriller The Terminator remains one of the best science fiction thrillers ever made, and it is as iconic in 2017 as it was more than three decades ago. The film has spawned

numerous sequels and spin-offs and even a television series, with another film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger currently in the works. Yet many people will be unaware of some of the amusing trivia associated with this classic motion picture.

The Terminator actually originated in a dream. Writer and director James Cameron was ill with fever and had a dream in which a skeletal robotic figure intent on murder emerged from a raging fire, and the idea was born.

The Terminator as anyone other than Arnold Schwarzenegger seems difficult to imagine today, but the role was originally offered to veteran actor Lance Henriksen, who ended up playing a police officer in the film instead. Schwarzenegger actually auditioned for the role of Kyle Reese, the film’s hero, but James Cameron took one look at him and decided he would be far more effective as the unstoppable villain of the film’s title. Henriksen did go on to play another cybernetic character, the far more benign Bishop, in the 1986 classic Aliens, which was also directed by James Cameron.

The Mask of Kindness

There once lived a man who was disliked by everyone in his village because of his surly demeanor and foul temper. He was known to mumble and grumble unpleasantries to passersby and therefore had no friends. He lived alone, with the only knocks at his door coming from the rocks thrown at his cottage by the children of the village.

One day after his kitchen window was smashed by a rotten gourd, the man visited the village elder to complain about his miseries as well as the ill treatment he felt he was subjected to by the other villagers. He demanded that something be done.

“I have a solution for your problems,” the elder said, and he disappeared into an adjoining room where he could be heard rummaging through a great many things.

He returned holding a mask of a smiling face. “What I’m about to share with you will have the power to transform your life,” the elder said. “The only thing that needs transforming is my broken window!” the man sneered. The elder let out a heavy sigh. “As I was saying, this mask will not only transform your life, but it will correct any grievances you might have. Though, I must warn you,” he continued, “to wear this mask carries a great responsibility, an obligation to speak kind words, think kind thoughts, and perform random acts of kindness. Can you agree to uphold this edict?” The man grudgingly agreed, reminding the elder he was owed a new window before he put on the mask and began the walk back to his home. Along the way, the people he encountered greeted him with a wave or a smile. Occasionally someone inquired about his day. Because of the mask, he felt inspired to answer with a positive remark and this led to a pleasant conversation with a neighbor who noticed the man’s broken window and offered to fix it. As the days and weeks passed the man grew more grateful and astonished by the effect the mask had on him. Because of the mask, the man never let a stranger pass him by without expressing a kind thought; he sought out opportunities to help others; and now had friends. For the first time ever, he was happy. The mask had transformed his life. One day, there was a knock on the man’s door. It was the elder, who’d come to take back the mask. “But without this mask, I will lose the ability to smile and show kindness,” the man objected. “The mask didn’t make you kind,” the elder said. “The mask simply revealed to you all of the possibilities that exist when you are kind.”

So Many Worries

A recent MBA grad interviewed for a job running a small, family-owned business. “I’m looking for someone with your skills and education who can take on all of the worries that comes with this place,” the owner said. “Worries?” the grad questioned. “Yes, worries,” the owner replied. “I worry about this and I worry about that. I have so many worries I barely have time to keep this place running. If you want the job, I can pay you $100, 000 plus benefits. What do you say?” “That sound great, but I’m curious,” the grad replied. “How can a small business such as yours afford to offer such a competitive salary?”

“That,” the man replied, “would be your first worry.”

I hope you enjoyed our change of pace from our serious post about compliance.

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